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This is an opportunity to discuss the achieved results, prospects, and conditions for further cooperation together. Of course, you can always contact HR or your manager in case of questions. Before the full-scale war, Boosta was famous for its high-profile team building and corporate parties. The last one, for example, took place in the fall of 2021 in one of the best hotels in Turkey — Rixos Sungate.
There are so many nuances and details in SEO that any possibilities for automation and acceleration are accepted and at least tested 😃 We have found Telegram bots for many of these tasks. See also our selection of English group Telegram for learning. If you have other examples of bots that can be placed in a separate category, write in the comments.
The compensation rules are the same for any training whether it is a full-fledged course, webinar, or conference in Ukraine or abroad. On average, our clients start to see initial results from SEO in 4-6 months. After a year of working with them my organic search traffic doubled. Unique is that when we had problems, they never stopped trying different solutions and were always generating new ideas of what we can do to fix it.
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The person gets to know everything about the company’s working process during the first two days. All specialists who are promoted to the level of manager must undergo a managerial adaptation program. It involves learning the basic rules of team management, performance measurement, etc. Each specialist can go through up to eight coaching sessions according to ICF standards to realize their potential, form an ambitious goal and find answers to questions. But believe us when we say that our search engine optimization agency isn’t like other agencies. Each time we start working with a client, we hire a team of SEO experts from scratch.
The popularity of Telegram channels is now so great that, just like in Google and other search engines, the question arises of ranking this channels on Telegram search . Generally, SEO services can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per month. It has become an essential component of any marketing strategy to promote products or services and attract a greater number of qualified leads and sales. The important issue in SEO is the detailed description of the parties’ rights and obligations.

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Analyzing user’s behavior to realize traffic source and detect the best promotion channels. In case of wrong strategy of increasing links to website, it may become a subject of search engine sanctions that’s why it is important to solve problems and create new promotion strategy. Website’s search engine optimization itself means making certain changes to its structure / code / content, and such changes must be agreed with the customer.

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Now with the help of these groups, you can increase your traffic on your website, youtube, & other social media network to earn lots of money. SEO GAP JOIN is constantly evolving, with search engine algorithms undergoing regular updates. Staying updated with the latest industry trends is essential for maintaining effective SEO strategies. Telegram groups dedicated to SEO serve as valuable sources of real-time information and insights. Members often share news, updates, and algorithm changes, ensuring that group participants are always aware of the most recent developments.
Workers also receive gifts for the anniversaries of work in the company. The main rule of onboarding in Boosta is to provide a person with a comfortable adaptation and prompt online support. First, the HR manager conducts an intro, introduces the team, and answers all questions.
It just feels right, to improve what can be improved by investing my time and knowledge. We made a product that easily competes with the market leaders on a global scale. All other provisions of such an agreement are standard and are typical for other agreements, therefore I do not consider it necessary to detail them. However, it will be important to analyse the annexes to such an agreement, which specify the terms of service.
Clause 2 sets out the obligation of the contractor to provide complete and reliable information about the website. If the data provided by the customer is untrue, the contractor may choose the wrong optimization scheme, which will affect the final result. Clauses 3 and 4 are standard, and Clause 5 sets out the responsibility of the customer for any information on his/her website. It is essential to define the terminology in such type of contracts initially, as this agreement is quite specific and requires special knowledge for its understanding. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, it’s essential for businesses to find innovative and cost-effective ways to reach their target market.

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From there, we’ll collect and analyze the best keyword groups for your website – and come up with a strategy uniquely tailored to your website and objectives. That’s why we always start with an extensive SEO audit, reviewing everything from your page speed and mobile-friendliness to declining content and content gaps. And our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with every one of our clients.
We want our services to be as user-friendly as possible and meet new standards in marketing, which is why we are constantly improving our features and continue to develop new ones. Our story began in 2015, when we opened a small office for a team of 15 specialists. As new people joined SendPulse, our office grew more prominent, and we became what we are today — an international team of 180 employees. The company’s largest office is in Ukraine, but we also have offices and representatives in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Nigeria.

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